25,000 Miles On Foot For World Peace




Personal Transformation & Inspiration!


“During the preparation period I wasn’t fully identifying with the real me, I was just learning. I was very forgiving toward others, that was no problem, but I was very unforgiving toward myself. If I did something that wasn’t the highest, I would say to myself, “You ought to know better.” And then one day as I was combing my hair at the mirror, I looked at myself and said, “You vain thing! Why do you think you know better when you forgive everyone else for not knowing
better? You’re not any better than they are.”

You must learn to forgive yourself as easily as you forgive others. And then take a further step and use all that energy that you used in condemning yourself for improving yourself. After that I really started to get somewhere -because there’s only one person you can change and that’s yourself. After you have changed yourself, you
might be able to inspire others to look for change.

It took the living quite awhile to catch up with the believing, but it finally did. And when it did, a progress began which never ended. As I lived up to the highest light I had, higher and higher light came to me.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

from “Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work In Her Own Words” page 16

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