Full Moon & Eclipse – Celebrate Your Positive Shift!

The Sun is SHINING in Galicia – finally – a perfect new beginning this morning for a very special day on the camino.  Enjoy this evening looking up into the night’s sky and sharing in a special Full Moon and Eclipse bringing all a Positive Shift!
“Tonight’s Full Moon (10:25p.m. MST) and the Eclipse at 10:11p.m. MST) will be a welcome change to the intensity we have felt throughout this month (from the last Full Moon and 1st eclipse of April 25). We have done so much shifting, rearranging, upgrading, letting go, moving into a higher vibration and more; that it will feel peaceful and healing, as it wholes us into being the Masters that step by step we are becoming. The Eclipse will anchor whatever shift you have made; settling into your entire body, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, till you are vibrating in nothing but Light; nothing but Love. This is a respite for a short bit till we begin the next phase.The time for Ceremony, if you want to empower, is just before the Moon is full. If you want release, do Ceremony after the Moon is full.And now for awhile we can observe how this all manifests in our lives. You may be guided to begin something new, revisit an old dream or simply be in Observance. Whatever it is you are guided and choose to do, know that this is indeed a blessed time; a universal gift, if you will. So enjoy, breathe it in and know that you are an amazing Light Being that is nothing less than Love.” ~Kara (Shaman Angels, Energy Healers & Truth Warriors – The Lightworkers Journey & Ascension: Soulstice Risisng)
Thank you Silvia Bollinger for posting!

For more information showing the phases of the eclipse please visit: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2013May25N.pdf


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