CCAMINA Coaching – Cocktail – Lunch For Pilgrims


The Camino brings our spirits a new experience and adventure one that begins when we even contemplate the journey, it grows as we anticipate the experience, and begin to connect with a different part of ourselves.  As we Camino we immerse our whole “being” into the sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, and emotions that make up our pilgrimage.  We discover a new land and new things about ourselves, others and the world we live in.  It is said by many that once you Camino your life will be forever changed and that the journey of transformation continues as your “The Camino of Your Life” continues after reaching Santiago de Compostela.  Just like the Camino itself we know that life will be full of adventure, new discoveries and special sharing with others.

Now upon arriving Santiago de Compostela pilgrims have the opportunity to participate in a very special experience at the Paradores Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos with Mariela Villar Romaris, International Coach Specialist in the Camino de Santiago, who believes “The most wonderful trip that a person can make is to the center of yourself”.

Here is an opportunity to share in a very unique and special experience of personal development, growth working with powerful, interactive and integrated coaching techniques in Santiago de Compostela.

Monday –  Saturday

10:30 am – 13:30 pm Coaching Sessions

13:30 pm – Cocktail & Lunch Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos

45 euros with credential

65 euros without credential (please purchase the day before session)

For more information please visit:

Mariaela Villar Romaris

International Coach – Specialist in the Camino de Santiago

CCAMINA Founder and Director

Tel: (34) 606 82 26 25

Sponsored by: Paradores Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos, Santiago de Compostela – Parador Museo Santiago – Concello De Santiago – Turismo De Santiago de Compostela


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