Faces of Santiago – Zapatone


Zapatone is a familiar face to pilgrims, visitors, tourists, and locals – and maybe the most photographed face in Santiago!  There are many images and reminders to those visiting the Santiago de Compostela and if one has made the Camino once ore more and arrived in the city are bound to bump into this historic Camino figure as he has welcomed people for many years!

Now that it is July and almost time for the St. James Festival I am remembering and wanting to thank my friends who so generously helped me in filming July 2010 during the Holy Year.  A very special thank you to Nikki Incandela Johnson, Erik Williams, Nathalie Archer, Jaume Lopez Garcia, Marc Trujillo Isern, Angela Courtney, and Amy Soto (who came just after and continued to share in some of the incredible Synchronicities along the journey). MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS POR TODO!!!


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