The Spirit Is Totally Free – Berit Michaela

Remembering my first day in Vilei, September 2011, at German Limeres’s family country home where he was having a fantastic Galician Barbecoa with his friends and documenting the pilgrims for his Rexistro 108 Vilei Pilgrim Photography Project always fills me with happiness and  renewed inspiration.  I was fortunate to be invited and was able to […]

The Camino Gives You Everything You Need – Lindsay Thompson

  It was a special day spending time with Travel Light Film in the Camino while they were making their journey and documenting their experience along the way.  They have many wonderful stories to share and we look forward to seeing their documentary when they have completed their editing.  We hope that they will return […]

The Smiles Say It ALL! – Tara & Mick

I have been blessed in meeting so many special people as part of my own personal camino journey. Each person holds a unique place in my heart and has contributed in an unbelievable way to this adventure and its continued unfoldment in my life.  Such was another very incredible day in Santiago de Compostela which […]

A Walk On The Roman Wall – Lugo, Galicia

  So fun going through emails and finding pictures of special times shared with pilgrim friends.  Such was the day, more than a year ago, when my German friends, Sabine, Marie, and their husbands Michael and Theo, went for a walk on the Roman Wall in Lugo – There’s something different about this walk when […]

“I Took All The Signs The Camino Was Giving Me” – Ruth Riley

  The Camino has brought me so many incredible experiences and the blessing of meeting wonderful and genuine people.  My heart and life have been forever changed from the Camino calling me through years of wildly SYNCHRONISTIC events and I am grateful to my spirit, my family, and friends for helping to follow this amazing […]

1,000 Year Look At Map Of Europe – Camino Country Connections

For more than a 1,000 years millions of people have made their way from around the world to experience the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  As the pilgrims made their personal journey they were venturing across many different countries experiencing the changes of each area as it was in its own time of transition.  The […]

Mother & Daughter Camino – Grazyna & Beata

It is always a very special experience for me to hear of pilgrims stories – the WHY’s, WHAT’s, WHEN & HOW’s of their Camino Journey.  I am always touched, moved and grateful for the sharing that occurs as it is inspiring and continually transformational. It was a wonderful surprise to receive Beata Moritz’s email as […]

Muchisimas Gracias Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos

German Limeres and I would like to thank everyone that made this years Rexistro 108 Vilei Global Pilgrims’ Photography & Video Exhibition in Santiago de Compostela possible.  A very special thank you to Julio Castro Marcote, Director of Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos, for making the exhibition this June and July 2013 available to share […]

The Camino Helps Us Discover Our Destiny – Sylvie Sims

  Again Synchronicity provided me in meeting and creating two very special Camino friendships. Lisa Moore (right side of photo) who in Fall of 2011 walked through Vilei and agreed to participate in German Limeres’s Rexistro 108 Vile Pilgrim Photography Project and to share with me on video her thoughts of the Camino.  Lisa was […]

Thank You Camino For Special Friendships

  I have been blessed with many special “synchronistic” experiences that has brought wonderful people into my life.  As they say the universe knows just what you need and provides an opportunity for people to come together, connect, and share in creating together special memories. It was again this way that the universe knew how […]