The Smiles Say It ALL! – Tara & Mick


I have been blessed in meeting so many special people as part of my own personal camino journey. Each person holds a unique place in my heart and has contributed in an unbelievable way to this adventure and its continued unfoldment in my life.  Such was another very incredible day in Santiago de Compostela which always holds a special place in my spirit but always even more wonderful when shared with new pilgrim friends Tara and Mick whom I met through another pilgrim friend Marc. We shared a great time at O Beiro Vinoteca discussing the camino enjoying some delicious wine — a perfect setting and camino connection.

I love hearing of people’s synchronicities and their personal stories of “WHY” the Camino.  Tara and Mick were kind to share their story with me.  I am excited to share it with you as a series of blog posts that are inspiring and show the amazing transformative power it has in our lives.  Thank you Tara and Mick for a very special time in Santiago de Compostela and for continuing our pilgrim friendship through sharing your camino journey with me and others. Bo Camiño!

“After living in London for 6 months it was time for a holiday. For Mick’s birthday I surprised him and booked a trip to Spain, I had only booked the flights the rest we would work out along the way… we ended up in Pamplona one week before the running of the bulls the town was in a buzz, it was such a beautiful place. It was here that I noticed the ‘Pilgrims’ walking through town and all the yellow arrows everywhere. I was so intrigued! I started asking around and learnt more and more about The Way.

So how all great plans start… We sat with a bottle of wine Mick and I talked and laughed at the thought of actually doing this… Could I really walk all that way? How do you do it… Is it safe?

Arriving back in London had just confirmed to us that we needed change. After 2 days back at work I had handed in my notice. Coincidently the lease on our flat was due to end in 1 month. So it was decided we would walk the Camino and it would lead us to where we wanted to be. We organised most of our belonging to be send back to Australia and left a few things at a friend’s house.

We had no idea what to expect so for the next month I read as much as I could about the Camino. I learnt so much…How many people have waited much of their adult life to walk the Camino, the stories of why people were walking and the history of the Camino. It was so interesting…I was drawn in and it was all I could think about. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to do it, but I guess that is the way of the Camino when you are ready it will call you.

After finishing the Camino we returned to London to collect our few possessions…We had applied for 2 jobs and got them both the next day. The first was to do a Ski Season the French Alps as a chalet host and driver. This was one thing Mick really wanted to do while we were over here for the 2 years… and I had never seen snow so I was nervous and excited at the same time! The position started in 7 weeks so we still had to do something in the mean time. The second was for a Au pair couple live in position in beautiful English country side… it was meant to be a year contract, during our phone interview I had to say we have been offered this amazing opportunity in France which will be starting in 7 weeks but we can work for a few weeks for you if you want someone.. She took us! ” – Tara

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