1,000 Year Look At Map Of Europe – Camino Country Connections


For more than a 1,000 years millions of people have made their way from around the world to experience the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.  As the pilgrims made their personal journey they were venturing across many different countries experiencing the changes of each area as it was in its own time of transition.  The transformation of the pilgrim through their own journey while they were witnesses to the every changing cultures of different countries as they too merged and flowed together.

VIDEO –  MAP OF EUROPE 1,000 AD to Present Day – Click on Link Below:

Map of Europe 1,000 AD to Present Day

http://LiveLeak.com – Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day

Thank you Live Leak and Scott Onstott for posting such a great visual for experiencing some of the country land transitions over 1,000 years (www.liveleak.com)

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