EQUINOX on the Camino



The Camino is a great teacher of BALANCE – learning the right balance for each person as they make their way.  Each day the Camino provides another opportunity to be more at one with ourselves and nature.  Finding a balance of our energy, time needed for rest and reflection and involvement and sharing with others.  Today celebrates the Equinox equal periods of light and darkness – a perfect example and special time to reflect on ways that we can find the balance we are seeking within ourselves and the world.  Happy Equinox to All. Thank you Lucia Solas Frasquet for posting this inspiring picture.


“The equinox today- equal periods of light and darkness around the world- the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere as new life germinates & warmth returns- autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere as the leaves change colour and begin to fall & the scent of coming coldness is carried on the wind. May we use the energy of this pivot point to bring balance into our own lives, into our way of living on the earth, into the world. Blessed be dear FB friends. ~Oriah — with Majella Brennan and Loredana Camardo.

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