Castro en el monte de Santa Tecla, Pontevedra

  There are many Camino Journeys to make your way to Santiago de Compostela and all of them have incredible experiences sharing Spain and Galicia’s history, culture, nature and traditions.  One you might enjoy discovering is the Castro of Santa Tecla in Pontevedra on the Camino Portuguese. You can visit to experience for yourself some […]

BLUE MOON – Have Fun Wishing On The Stars & Moon Tonight

There is something inspiring at witnessing the nights sky and a FULL MOON shining on us brightly.  You can feel the magic of the ages and a connection with Mother Nature that comes to life during this very special time.  Enjoy today and the BLUE MOON as it blesses us – have fun looking up […]

Cave of Altamira – Camino Norte

The Camino encourages a Spirit of Discovery.  Experiencing any of the Camino trails to Santiago de Compostela one is immersed in culture, history and traditions that leads us on a continued journey of discovery.  It is exciting and magical to learn more whether your pilgrimage travel interest includes history, art, architecture, gastronomy, festivals, wine or […]

Cigüeña’s Along The Camino

Seeing Cigüeña’s, Storks, Along The Camino is a very unique and interesting experience.  I remember as I first began to see from a distance large nests on top of light posts and churches that made me wonder what could that be.  My friends quickly educated me on the cigüeña’s or storks that make these high locations […]

COMPOSTELA – “Field Of Stars” – August 10 -13!

  One of the very special experiences of the Camino is the time in nature enjoying its beauty at all different times of the day and night. This August 10 – 13 there will be a very special opportunity to experience the nights sky and It brings home to our heart the meaning of “Compostela” […]

A Little Galician Gaita Music To Inspire A Camino Spirit

The music of Galicia is inspiring and blends ancient cultures and historic traditions. The Galician Gaita – bagpipe – immediately makes you feel like a “time traveler” and your mind is filled with many beautiful images of nature, magical forests, town festivals and so much more.  As you listen it makes you want to dance […]

Festivals While You Camino

  XXX MOSTRA DA OLERÍA DE BUÑO EN MALPICA DE BERGANTIÑOS Last year after I finished my second Camino from Roncesvalles I was fortunate to spend a couple of months in the Costa Da Morte (The Dead Coast).  Another very special adventure discovering more of Galicia’s beautiful beaches all with different landscapes and terrain. From […]

Viking Festival – 42 KM South of Santiago de Compostela

The Viking Festival celebrated in Catoira is another unique and wonderful adventure during your travels in Galicia.  It is a very special part of any Camino journey to share in the local festivals celebrating Galicia’s rich history, culture and traditions.  You will enjoy discovering a little more about what makes Galicia so special and learn […]

Fresh Fish Along Camino Del Norte

  When enjoying Galicia and the Camino one of the very special pleasures is to see how locals enjoy the beauty of their country.  The special traditions that are alive in every city, town and village.  It has been a wonderful experience living in Galicia and always another day of discovery and adventure learning more […]

The Botafumeiro – Fridays 7:30 pm

  To experience the Botafumeiro in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is something that fills you with emotion.  Emotions that range from a sense of awe and wonder to smiles, tears of gratitude and joy and so much more. Every experience is unique and inspiring encouraging you again and again to witness it and reflect on […]