SMILES From SPAIN! – Mary Howell

  Everyday holds for me some very special surprises and synchronicities and other days there are even more – a wonderful almost continuous flow that delights you to opening up to more of life and making connections with others. It was a day like this that I met Mary.  We were in the Cathedral at […]

Thank You Christina Oiticica & Paulo Coelho

It is SYNCHRONICITY or COINCIDENCE that brought the Camino and now living in Galicia, Spain into my life.  I would never have guessed the interesting connections and twists this journey has taken – that is still unfolding today.  Who knows where it will lead but I am very grateful to all who have been a […]

Brussels – Bruges Camino Synchronicity – Meg Holmes

  The Camino called to me and made its invitation through many connected SYNCHRONISTIC events and experiences no matter where I was in the world.  At first it whispered its invitation and then the calling grew louder and louder till I was not able to resist it any longer.  Even in times of experiencing Santiago […]

Camino Guides Our Spirits

The Camino called each one of us in a very specific and unique way.  For me it was and has been a never ending series of synchronistic experiences around the world.  No matter where I was or where I traveled some how the Camino and Spain kept calling me.  It was truly opening up and […]