The Camino INSPIRES and transforms our lives in ways that are hard to imagine at the time of experiencing it. It grabs a hold of us in a very special way and new CREATIONS are birthed from this experience. Marc Heffner´s Camino Experience in 2004 during the Holy Year Xacobeo was an experience of a lifetime as the camino is for all of us.  Arriving into Santiago de Compostela on July 24 during the Holy Year without knowing of the AMAZING Festival Celebrations he shared in celebrating his own camino with others from around the world at a very unique and special time.  Having always been an artist from an early age his talents and creations have merged into a most INSPIRING style and his company CaminoEstrella.com shares his INCREDIBLE works of art that inspire all of us and keep the Camino Spirit and our Camino Memories ALIVE!

Marc Heffner will be celebrating with The Pilgrim House a wonderful Camino Exhibition beginning today July 30, 2015 from 7 – 9 pm, Rúa Nova 19. The exhibition will take place at The Pilgrim House starting today and Marc´s artistic creations will be on display August and September, 2015.  If you are in Santiago de Compostela it is a special experience that will add to your camino memories.

Wishing Marc Heffner EstrellaCamino.com and The Pilgrim House all the best for their special Camino Exhibition.

For more information please visit http://www.estrellacamino.com and http://www.pilgrimhousesantiago.com

St. James Festival Lights Up The Sky & Our Hearts!

Incredible Camino Celebrations

Some experiences are hard to put into words. We feel fully in the moment capturing everything happening around us taking it all in. There is excitement, lots of activity, and the energy lifts us up and wants us to take in as much as we can. Remembering every second, every exchange with those we meet, and enjoy being a part of a very special tradition that takes days to prepare for and culminates in one night of Amazing Celebration Of The Camino Spirit!

Just as we Camino the anticipation of our time along the way builds and builds before we leave and continues as we begin our journeys you can feel the anticipation and excitement grow with every minute and hour and then we are fully in the experience taking in all around us. Every moment precious, unique, and memorable in its own way. It seems as if all our senses are heightened and we excited, alive and free.

The St. James Festival Light & Fireworks Show Mesmerizes, Dazzles, and Delights our SPIRITS in a truly powerful and magical way – it shares through the incredible visual images, light and sound effects a powerful feeling to all who witness it and leaves everyone speechless fixed upon witnessing its inspiring beauty. Cheers of happiness, awe, and delight are shared by all as the fireworks blaze in the sky and it always leaves us wanting more counting down the days, weeks and months to the next festival year where we can take in its magical inspiration again.

A very special thank you to Julio Castro, Director Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos, and everyone at the Parador Santiago De Compostela for another fantastic experience in Santiago and for providing an incredibly inspiring location to capture this years magnificent display celebrating the Camino Spirit and the St. James Festival. It was very special to have a very special visitor from my German Family Heritage Heike Vennemann​ , and German Artist Marc Heffner join me for this very special celebration – Muchisimas Gracias y Danke!

A very special thank you to artist Marc Heffner of CaminoEstrella.com for joining us and for taking such incredible pictures while we captured video of this amazing tradition and celebration.

Please visit Marc Heffner’s websites at: http://www.caminoestrella.com and http://www.marcheffner.com

CAMINO: See More – Experience More – Feel More – Be More!

Summer celebrations continue as we enjoy sunshine, sunny skies, warm weather that encourages us to make our adventures outside discovering more about ourselves as we enjoy nature, walking, and exploring our external, as well as, as our internal world of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. A perfect mixture and blending of experiences both past and present that help us create our futures.

Our dreams of life continue to bloom and we experience and express more than we might have thought possible. Our “potentialities” are gifts ready to be expressed and with each step we move to sharing in a way that touches all. Like ripples of a stone being tossed into a river they radiate out little by little growing stronger. We too grow stronger and though the newness of our spirits expression may not always seem visible it is from the invisible movement of spirit that all newness begins, grows, experiences life and LIVES.

Wishing you a Fantastically CREATIVE Summer of Exploration and DISCOVERY! Sending SMILES from Spain and the Camino!

The Camino Of Life Opens Our HEARTS!

Every step we take in life provides the opportunity to open up and experience more of the world around us. To move in the direction of our dreams and live life more fully. One of the greatest gifts of the CAMINO is how it naturally opens our hearts. Little by little with every step a new unfolding of the past like a snake that sheds its skin we shed the hurt, pain and sorrow and step forward into our NEW.

New beginnings, New opportunities, NEW POTENTIALITIES! We reflect on life and relive some of our life’s memories and our spirit invites us to express the dream that has been inside of us all along. With each step we gain a confidence to continue on our paths and with every pilgrim we meet a special opportunity of bonding occurs for in the faces of those we walk with along the way greet us with a SMILE, a special look, an understanding of life’s challenges and eternal hopes that are shared by us all.

We learn to connect, open up, and experience in new ways that are like fresh new breaths as if we were once again a baby being born we gasp for air and begin to take in all around us in new ways that will for sure lead us from crawling,stumbling, standing up and walking in new wonderful directions of our continued life CAMINO!

Wishing everyone a very special Happy 4th of July that this INDEPENDENCE DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING OF A SPECIAL INDEPENDENCE OF YOUR SPIRIT – With every good WISH and SMILES from the CAMINO!!!

There are NO Coincidences – Special Camino Connections – Carey & Carlos Alvarez Bacha

Beautiful Blue Camino Skies & Sunshine In O Cebreiro

Pilgrims were all SMILES ON THE CAMINO as they enjoyed a special day in O Cebreiro. A true favorite of mine as this is where I started my first camino in October of 2011. A magical village that I never get tired of visiting and always makes for an incredible day meeting pilgrims and enjoying some delicious huevos con chorizo y patatas fritas!!! Of course always extra special is strolling through the ancient village visiting the church and talking with pilgrims.

It was a wonderful afternoon and a fantastic pleasure to meet Carey and Carlos Alvarez Bacha who shared a few of their camino thoughts and insights with me. Having met in the camino and new it was “Love at first sight” what special camino connections and true life gifts that the camino brought them.

A very special thank you to Carey and Carlos Alvarez Bacha for spending a few minutes with me. Felicidades – Congratulations – Wishing you all the best as you continue your camino and begin your married life!  Bo Camiño!!!

Soaring To Greatness – Dolly Nguyen Brenneman

Spending time in Santiago de Compostela is always fantastic and I am always touched by the pilgrims that I am fortunate to meet and spend time with. Each pilgrim and every story is so very special. Wonderful connecting with pilgrims from around the world for a picture, a coffee or a wine and some time exchanging pilgrim stories.

It was a wonderful few minutes and quick photos with pilgrim Dolly Nguyen Brenneman – President & Founder of Soaring To Greatness – Coaching & Consulting for Business and Individual Transformation (Houston, TX, USA). Thank you Dolly for sharing some of your camino insights with us. Bo Camiño!

For more information please visit: http://www.soaringtogreatness.com

Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural & TV G In The Camino Invierno!

Fantastic Adventures With Lucie – Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural and TV G!

Sunny Summer Skies and flowers blooming made for the perfect day in Ribeira Sacra with Lucie Christensen at her Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural when TV G came to film some of the great local treasures.  From a little cooking time with a delicious recipe from Czech Republic we then went outside to explore the area on the local nature trails with Kris Pereira´s. Making our way through the beautiful woods with incredible views of the ancient heroic wine vineyards of Ribeira Sacra made famous by the Romans who first cultivated the land.

We soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed a wine by the river with friends Luisa Rubines of Quinta Sacra.es Excursiones at O Batuxo Belesar Restaurant.  A perfect river front table with views of the surrounding vineyards and a delicious lunch made for a wonderful afternoon followed by some local water sports kayaking with Antonio Lorenzo from Faragulla Restaurant. A day full of activities it was time to make our way back to Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural for a private tour where Lucie shared the beautiful setting that any pilgrim or traveler would love to enjoy.  What better way than to end the day than with a wine tasting at Cabo Do Mundo Bodega with Bodegeros – Winemakers Jose Rodriguez Mazaira and Camilo Rodriguez Fereiro, and some of the neighbors Jose Angel Moreno Fernandez, Lola and Cristina. It was a very special day with some incredibly special people and wonderful activities.

Thank you to Lucie for including me in such a FANTASTIC FRIDAY WITH FRIENDS Experience! It was a real pleasure to meet and spend the day with the TV G Equipo – Team: A la grabación fuimos Claudio, Lino (cámaras), Adrián (sonido), Juan (productor) y Alejandro Macías (periodista).

For more information please visit: http://www.cabodomundocasarural.com

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