Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural & TV G In The Camino Invierno!

Fantastic Adventures With Lucie – Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural and TV G!

Sunny Summer Skies and flowers blooming made for the perfect day in Ribeira Sacra with Lucie Christensen at her Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural when TV G came to film some of the great local treasures.  From a little cooking time with a delicious recipe from Czech Republic we then went outside to explore the area on the local nature trails with Kris Pereira´s. Making our way through the beautiful woods with incredible views of the ancient heroic wine vineyards of Ribeira Sacra made famous by the Romans who first cultivated the land.

We soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed a wine by the river with friends Luisa Rubines of Quinta Excursiones at O Batuxo Belesar Restaurant.  A perfect river front table with views of the surrounding vineyards and a delicious lunch made for a wonderful afternoon followed by some local water sports kayaking with Antonio Lorenzo from Faragulla Restaurant. A day full of activities it was time to make our way back to Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural for a private tour where Lucie shared the beautiful setting that any pilgrim or traveler would love to enjoy.  What better way than to end the day than with a wine tasting at Cabo Do Mundo Bodega with Bodegeros – Winemakers Jose Rodriguez Mazaira and Camilo Rodriguez Fereiro, and some of the neighbors Jose Angel Moreno Fernandez, Lola and Cristina. It was a very special day with some incredibly special people and wonderful activities.

Thank you to Lucie for including me in such a FANTASTIC FRIDAY WITH FRIENDS Experience! It was a real pleasure to meet and spend the day with the TV G Equipo – Team: A la grabación fuimos Claudio, Lino (cámaras), Adrián (sonido), Juan (productor) y Alejandro Macías (periodista).

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