The Camino Of Life Opens Our HEARTS!

Every step we take in life provides the opportunity to open up and experience more of the world around us. To move in the direction of our dreams and live life more fully. One of the greatest gifts of the CAMINO is how it naturally opens our hearts. Little by little with every step a new unfolding of the past like a snake that sheds its skin we shed the hurt, pain and sorrow and step forward into our NEW.

New beginnings, New opportunities, NEW POTENTIALITIES! We reflect on life and relive some of our life’s memories and our spirit invites us to express the dream that has been inside of us all along. With each step we gain a confidence to continue on our paths and with every pilgrim we meet a special opportunity of bonding occurs for in the faces of those we walk with along the way greet us with a SMILE, a special look, an understanding of life’s challenges and eternal hopes that are shared by us all.

We learn to connect, open up, and experience in new ways that are like fresh new breaths as if we were once again a baby being born we gasp for air and begin to take in all around us in new ways that will for sure lead us from crawling,stumbling, standing up and walking in new wonderful directions of our continued life CAMINO!

Wishing everyone a very special Happy 4th of July that this INDEPENDENCE DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING OF A SPECIAL INDEPENDENCE OF YOUR SPIRIT – With every good WISH and SMILES from the CAMINO!!!

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