CAMINO: See More – Experience More – Feel More – Be More!

Summer celebrations continue as we enjoy sunshine, sunny skies, warm weather that encourages us to make our adventures outside discovering more about ourselves as we enjoy nature, walking, and exploring our external, as well as, as our internal world of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. A perfect mixture and blending of experiences both past and present that help us create our futures.

Our dreams of life continue to bloom and we experience and express more than we might have thought possible. Our “potentialities” are gifts ready to be expressed and with each step we move to sharing in a way that touches all. Like ripples of a stone being tossed into a river they radiate out little by little growing stronger. We too grow stronger and though the newness of our spirits expression may not always seem visible it is from the invisible movement of spirit that all newness begins, grows, experiences life and LIVES.

Wishing you a Fantastically CREATIVE Summer of Exploration and DISCOVERY! Sending SMILES from Spain and the Camino!

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