St. James Festival Lights Up The Sky & Our Hearts!

Incredible Camino Celebrations

Some experiences are hard to put into words. We feel fully in the moment capturing everything happening around us taking it all in. There is excitement, lots of activity, and the energy lifts us up and wants us to take in as much as we can. Remembering every second, every exchange with those we meet, and enjoy being a part of a very special tradition that takes days to prepare for and culminates in one night of Amazing Celebration Of The Camino Spirit!

Just as we Camino the anticipation of our time along the way builds and builds before we leave and continues as we begin our journeys you can feel the anticipation and excitement grow with every minute and hour and then we are fully in the experience taking in all around us. Every moment precious, unique, and memorable in its own way. It seems as if all our senses are heightened and we excited, alive and free.

The St. James Festival Light & Fireworks Show Mesmerizes, Dazzles, and Delights our SPIRITS in a truly powerful and magical way – it shares through the incredible visual images, light and sound effects a powerful feeling to all who witness it and leaves everyone speechless fixed upon witnessing its inspiring beauty. Cheers of happiness, awe, and delight are shared by all as the fireworks blaze in the sky and it always leaves us wanting more counting down the days, weeks and months to the next festival year where we can take in its magical inspiration again.

A very special thank you to Julio Castro, Director Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos, and everyone at the Parador Santiago De Compostela for another fantastic experience in Santiago and for providing an incredibly inspiring location to capture this years magnificent display celebrating the Camino Spirit and the St. James Festival. It was very special to have a very special visitor from my German Family Heritage Heike Vennemann​ , and German Artist Marc Heffner join me for this very special celebration – Muchisimas Gracias y Danke!

A very special thank you to artist Marc Heffner of for joining us and for taking such incredible pictures while we captured video of this amazing tradition and celebration.

Please visit Marc Heffner’s websites at: and

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