The Camino INSPIRES and transforms our lives in ways that are hard to imagine at the time of experiencing it. It grabs a hold of us in a very special way and new CREATIONS are birthed from this experience. Marc Heffner´s Camino Experience in 2004 during the Holy Year Xacobeo was an experience of a lifetime as the camino is for all of us.  Arriving into Santiago de Compostela on July 24 during the Holy Year without knowing of the AMAZING Festival Celebrations he shared in celebrating his own camino with others from around the world at a very unique and special time.  Having always been an artist from an early age his talents and creations have merged into a most INSPIRING style and his company CaminoEstrella.com shares his INCREDIBLE works of art that inspire all of us and keep the Camino Spirit and our Camino Memories ALIVE!

Marc Heffner will be celebrating with The Pilgrim House a wonderful Camino Exhibition beginning today July 30, 2015 from 7 – 9 pm, Rúa Nova 19. The exhibition will take place at The Pilgrim House starting today and Marc´s artistic creations will be on display August and September, 2015.  If you are in Santiago de Compostela it is a special experience that will add to your camino memories.

Wishing Marc Heffner EstrellaCamino.com and The Pilgrim House all the best for their special Camino Exhibition.

For more information please visit http://www.estrellacamino.com and http://www.pilgrimhousesantiago.com

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