Porta Itineris Sancti Iacobi – CAMINO!

Porta Itineris Sancti Iacobi – Porta De Europa, Praza Da Concordia, Santiago de Compostela – CAMINO! – Cándido Pazos López

Sharing the spirit of the Camino for most of his entire life Cándido Pazos López will share in participating in Our Collective Camino (working title) the first book of its kind uniting authors from around the world from 13 countries to share their passion for pilgrimage, love of the camino and inspiring stories to make a very special invitation to others encouraging them to make their own Camino Journeys of the Spirit!

With over 80 sculptures in España and Europe Cándido Pazos López through his artistic creations, designs and published works has invited people for more than 40 years to come and discover and take part in personally experiencing the special history, culture and tradition of the Camino.

It was a very special pleasure and honor to receive a wonderful gift of the collectors edition book Porta Itineris Sancti Iacobi – Porta De Europa, Praza Da Concordia, Santiago de CompostelaCAMINO! from Cándido Pazos López. I am grateful to Cándido and the 35 plus authors from around the world representing13 countries for joining me in this special and unique camino collaboration.

For those who have experienced the camino and entered the city along the French route making their way down from Monte de Gozo you will remember a most impressive sculpture welcoming you into the city and honoring your every step with the history of those that came before you making this pilgrimage famous around the world. A vision and creative project for years representing a life-time passion for sharing the Camino Cándido Pazos López dreamed, designed, and realized this most impressive sculpture – a portico and special gate into Santiago de Compostela as a standing memorial to the open invitation to the world to make their own pilgrim adventure and journey of discovery. It is a landmark that stands as a tribute in the 21st century to the enduring power of the Camino to make its call to people from around the world and a celebration to those who listen and answer by experiencing it – Bo Camiño!

A very special thank you to Cándido Pazos López, Sienna & Ivan Leis Varela for more special times and CAMINO Celebrations in Santiago de Compostela!

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