Special Pilgrim Visitors USA – Terry & Susie Porter In The Camino!

OBRADOIRO CAB Creates Special Camino Documentary

Springtime always brings new beginnings and it is a special time of new creativity and this year OBRADOIRO CAB is kicking spring off with a very special Camino Experience and Documentary featuring Terry Porter, former NBA Portland Trailblazers star, shares in the camino with locals and pilgrims from around the world.

It was  a very special pleasure to welcome Terry and Susie Porter and the whole OBRADOIRO CAB group who are making their way from Sarria to Santiago this week. Along the way they stopped to share in participating in Rexistro 108 Vilei a unique photography and video project documenting the pilgrims from around the world as they pass just 3 km outside of Sarria as they walk through Barbadelo and Vilei and make their way to Portomarin.

Yesterday marked a very special day the 4th year I have had the pleasure to share in this unique photography project I have been fortunate to be a part of after meeting German Limeres just two weeks after he began documenting the faces of the pilgrims in his Rexistro 108 Km Vilei summer 2011. Rexistro 108 Vilei is the first photography documentation of pilgrims as they make their way across Galicia to Santiago de Compostela. With some 500 photographs of pilgrims from more than 30 countries it has been my honor and pleasure to share in this unique project and to capture on video some of their testimonials of their passion for pilgrimage and love of the Camino.

Muchas gracias to  OBRADOIRO CAB and their fantastic Team, Terry & Susie Porter and German Limeres Rexistro 108 Vilei and to the pilgrims for sharing in this very special, unique and personal camino experience!!!

For more information please visit: http://www.obradoirocab.com and Facebook: Obradoiro CAB

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