CAMINO Signs Continue To Call & Connect!

As many of you know it has been a long series of continued wonderful SYNCHRONICITIES that called me to Camino and led me to living in Galicia. It has been an incredible treasure hunt in life to make this adventure which would not have been possible without the loving support of my family, friends and fellow pilgrims as we make this journey of discovery together.  I am always grateful to the kindness of others and especially strangers that open their hearts as we continue step by step on our camino travels.

It was a wonderful morning surprise to see Facebook post from 3 years ago as a fun message for my continued camino adventures.  I had just shared this story two days ago with a new friend Chelo Artiles Gil as she too took me on a fabulous walk through Madrid down a street I had never been on and there as we shared fun Synchronistic Stories and life insights we were again stopped by another wonderful sign CAMINO.  

As many of you are participating in the Our Collective Camino (working title) for the Collaborative Camino Stories that share our passion for pilgrimage and our love of the camino as it has touched all of us in truly unique ways. Everyone has been called to the camino in a very personal way and it was a call that urged us all to answer.  Everyones´s story is truly personal, equally significant and inspiring and we hope that it will help to inspire and encourage others to make their own journeys of discovery!

Sending special thank you´s to Dean Wright and Charles Joly for whom I would never have had the fun of us running right into SANTYAGO RESTAURANT and MANN COUNTRYWIDE just before my second camino journey from Roncesvalles – to – Santiago – during my travels to Portsmouth, England (Restaurant was opened same month my friends moved from Spain to Portsmouth by a man whose friend is from Santiago de Compostela) and to Lisa Moore for making camino travels to enjoy in the fun with us, and to Maria Consuelo Artiles Gil three years later Spring 2015 for a fantastic Madrid exploration and discussions of Signs that within moments provided yet another wonderfully inspiring sign and memory!

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