Expo Bike, Bicigrino.com & Parador Back On The Camino!

Spring Reunions In The Camino

The sun is shining in the Camino and it has brought many pilgrims out to enjoy another year of adventure.  Sunshine and signs of spring all around with flowers blooming is putting smiles on all who are out making their camino journeys.  Expo Bike, Bicigrino.com and the Parador spent a fantastic week exploring more of the way of St. James along the French route making new camino memories!

Remembering great camino times with  Helmut Weingarten and Jose Luis Penedo Del Rio of Expo Bike, Tomas Sanchez of Bicigrinos.com and Julio Castro of the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos Santiago de Compostela.  Wishing you all the best for more Bo Camiño Adventures!

For more information please visit: http://www.bicigrino.com, Facebook: BICIGRINOS, camino de Santiago en bicicleta, and http://www.parador.es

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