Signs Are All Around Us – Happy Mother’s Day

Signs and symbols are all around us. What symbols are significant to you and hold a special place in your heart as tokens along the treasure hunt of life. As we journey making our own unique path different messages mark the way and like Hansel and Gretel the bread crumbs that catch our attention and guide us are truly personal, equally significant and life transforming.

An awareness for life, love and the beauty of nature that surrounds us enveloping our being if we allow it the space and freedom to grow if we can relax and let go. A true sense of surrender and release. These are moments that one can relish in, strive for, and find more peace as these times are transformed into minutes, hours, where we experience bliss.

The camino seems to naturally bring this out in each person in a very personal way. No two camino’s are the same. Even for those of us whose journey has led to living in Galicia on the camino always brings new meaning and significance to each day. Just like the camino a purpose unfolds, grows, and provides just what you need but in many ways not what you expected. It shows that the power of pilgrimage flows when each spirit opens, connects and reflects allowing each persons spirituality to develop and flourish. A true mustard seed planted, watered, and blossoming in its own time and in its own unique way.

The signs and symbols are many and some show themselves in the form of angels that are all around us in all different forms. In nature, in animals and in our family and friends. They stand strong like the cross a symbol of strength, challenge, support, and direction guiding us in the days, hours, months, the seasons of the year marking key points of time on this journey. All symbols and signs help guide us in the direction of our true source the all encompassing, all knowing and all loving universal essence that provides life. Have fun looking for your special signs and symbols that inspire you on your Camino Journey!

Sending lots of love and  a very special and Happy Mother’s Day Wishes to my Mother and Father who have been loving examples and signs – true symbols of love in my life! A very special thank you to you, my family, and friends who have supported me on this pilgrimage journey. Wishing all the Mother’s and Father’s out there a very blessed and Happy Mother’s Day! I love and Miss You All!!! Bo Camiño!

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