Galicia Captures The Hearts Of Many

Galicia – Ancient, rustic, and filled with traditions. Traditions and customs – a true melting pot of incredible cultures. From the Celts, Vikings, Romans, and Moors – Galicia has witnessed first hand a real blending of ideas, customs, trade, and rituals of survival in this very distinct area that has a history unique to pilgrimage. Galicia truly has something for everyone.

If you love beaches of all types, mountains made for hiking and discovery, rivers and streams that cover almost every area with their magical vibrations and beautiful natural settings then you might find yourself falling in love with Galicia. You may loose yourself in the sounds of streams as the water cascades over the rocks joined in concert, a perfect melody, by the birds singing their happy little songs for you. All you need do is open your eyes and ears more to soak in the healing harmony of Galicia’s incredible nature that wants to envelop you in a big warm welcoming hug. You may find yourself remembering an overwelming sense of magic, a desire for discovery, a feeling of true happiness that takes you back to your childhood innocence and joy.

The landscape of Galicia is truly amazing. Scenery you never get tired of looking at. It’s natural – rustic – and in many ways seeminly untouched or changed for thousands of years. You can still vision ancient pilgrims walking the stone paths meeting local farmers of the middle ages as they passed through the small villages greeted by the country animals and people with the traditional Buen Camino or Bo Camiño as they say in the ancient language of Galicia known as gallego that is still spoken here today. In addition to the incredible scenery, the gastronomy, wine, history, and culture might be part of the magic allure that draws so many from around the world to experience their own personal pilgrimage of discovery. Those that come are forever touched and changed. Sometimes in ways that are hard to describe or even to put into words but so powerful that it remains forever inside you and draws many of us to stay to discover more and others to return again and again.

From rolling hills to beautiful mountain ranges with peaks that rise some 2,000 meters or 6,600 feet. Pasture land that goes for miles and miles. Hills and valleys that are dotted like a picture post card or peaceful painting with sheep, goats, cows, and horses all surrounded by rich green trees and forests that you know hold the magic, the secrets of ancient myths and legends of this mysterious land. Flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes welcome you no matter where you are. But green is the color of Galicia with its abundant shades that many say it is like Ireland’s 40 shades of green. For me there are more than 40 fantastic reasons that I and so many from around the world love Galicia. Bo Camiño!

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