Botafumeiro Inspires



In remembering my first trips to Santiago during Puerta Santa Holy Door Celebration of December 2009 and then for Xacobeo St. James Festival in July 2010 during the Holy Year the experience of the Botafumeiro has always touched and moved my heart and spirit.  It inspires a sense of wonder and captures your full and total attention where it seems nothing else can enter your thoughts.

It has always been a very special experience on our regular visits to Santiago to be fortunate to share in witnessing this when we are lucky enough that during one of the masses it is celebrated at the end – usually during the midday pilgrims mass. Truly incredible and outstanding!!!



Thank you Bruce Smith for posting today – was a perfect way to begin my day:


You may also enjoy seeing how the Botafumeiro is spreading around the world in Madonna’s World Concert Tour 2012:

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