Our Collective Camino – A Special Request

The Camino has called each one of us in a very personal, unique and captivating way.  Its call at first can be but a whisper that grows stronger and stronger to all who listen.  It is something that is hard to describe in some ways and in others the words just flow. A feeling that like a small seed planted grows and grows in ways that can be unimaginable.  The experience touches us and transforms our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Just like a small stone that is skipped upon a pond the ripples slowly and surely move out and increase in time and we find our spirits alive and consumed with the power of pilgrimage.

It has been my pleasure to read many inspiring works about the camino and it is this inspiration and my passion for our sharing our gifts and talents working collaboratively with others to make a difference in the world that encouraged me to make this invitation and special request. Dr. Carol Francis and I would like invite those who have published their story and those that would like to share their story to join us as we unite together in a collaborative expression of our love and passion for the camino and our desire to share the power of pilgrimage with others.

The first collaborative book of its kind will unite voices from around the world sharing our passion, love and pilgrim spirit that is the true heart of the Camino!

Please review the attached overview submission request for details on participating.  Thank you for your time, interest and support in sharing in this collaborative Global Pilgrims project. Here’s to sharing in a very special Camino journey together – Bo Camiño!

Muchisimas Gracias – A very special thank you to Walk To Santiago for letting us include their inspiring camino images in this book overview submission request and blog post. For more information please visit Walk To Santiago: https://www.facebook.com/walktosantiago

Collective Camino Book_SubmissionOverview_’15

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