Santiago Remembered – Patrice Wallace




It is always special meeting people and sharing time together especially in Santiago De Compostela. A very special place to discuss what we love of the Camino and our travel adventures in Galicia.  Such was my pleasure in meeting Patrice and Emilio last year during the St. James Festival.  Both Patrice and Emilio are avid world travelers who love to experience new cultures, customs and partake in traditions while they are journey around the world experiencing a very special pilgrimage journey.  I always love hearing what touches people about their experiences related to the Camino and how it continues to touch their lives after they have journeyed on.  A very special thank you to Patrice for emailing me and sharing her thoughts on her experience. Wishing Patrice and Emilio continued happy journeys – Bo Camiño!

“My thoughts on last summer’s visit to Santiago: While visiting a small town in the Austrian Alps a few weeks ago, I was excited to see the scallop shell of St. James on a sign post (photo above). Each time I see the El Camino sign, I am reminded of how far-reaching the influence of St. James is. Last summer as we drove across the Galician countryside, I constantly peered out of the car window in anticipation of getting a glimpse of the cathedral. Nothing. It was only when we drove into the Plaza del Obradoiro that I actually saw it and all its splendor. All of a sudden, it was there – right in front of me! With its soaring towers and its raised entrance two stories above the awe-inspiring to any pilgrim who, hundreds of years ago, walked 30 days across Spain.


Today’s pilgrims preview it in photos and film. But even with modern photo technology, seeing it in person and up close is indescribable. Santiago de Compostela does not disappoint.” – Patrice Wallace

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