Walking The Ways In Galicia

Camino Invierno – The Winter Way – Or as I like to call it El Camino Del Vino

Every Camino is special and unique providing an opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy.  This year I feel inspired to make a journey of “Walking The Ways In Galicia” taking part in learning more about the Camino and this vibrant, alive, and inviting land of Galicia. Each step along the way, every inspiring view, every moment being surrounded by nature and discovering historical monuments on the path motivate and touch in a truly personal way. Every new day is an adventure of the spirit, mind and body. A mystery that continues to unfold long after the camino journey has ended revealing the deep layers that the Camino touches in a way like no other – as everyone learns the camino never ends the adventure continues!

It was a fantastic beginning taking part in the Ribeira Sacra “Vino Bus” wine tour followed with staying in the historical Parador Monforte De Lemos.  Great to walk out of such an inspiring location to experience a new Camino and learn of the mysteries that pilgrims walking the Camino Invierno or Winter Way have enjoyed for centuries.  Incredible wine vineyards cultivated by the romans, beautiful historic monuments, and being surrounded by incredible scenery that was like a hug from nature.  Sharing in special times with new friends with Luisa and her wonderful Quinta Sacra River Cruises followed by a perfect sunset at Lucie and Kaj’s Cabo do Mundo Casa Rural a view that will take your breath away and leave you wanting to return for sure to soak up more of the beauty and peace of Ribeira Sacra. Following the yellow arrows has been a wonderful adventure of synchronicity along the camino and I am excited to keep an eye out for that beautiful yellow marker to see what lies next on this journey of discovery 🙂 Muchisimas Gracias!!!


Thank you to Stacy, Rocio Parador Monforte de Lemos; Maryfe Centro Do Viño Monforte De Lemos; Maria, Beatriz of Máis que Románico Visitas Personalizadas; Aida Asociación De Camiños A Santiago Pola Ribeira Sacra; Gerardo Monforte de Lemos tours; Luisa Quinta Sacra River Cruises; Lucie and Kaj Cabo do Mundo Casa Rural; Marcus and Maria Abaceria O Batuxo Restaurante; Kris Bodegas Via Romana; Fernando and Ana of Bodega Algueira; Bodegas Regina Viarum, Abadia da Cova Bodega, Camilo, Lola, Angeles; Antonio, Ana, Belen of Hostal Gonzalez in Silleda; Nuria, Chechu, Antonio, Sandra, Catalina, Javier for sharing the Feria de Galicia in Silleda and some of the special flavors and tastes of the wines and mariscos that make Galicia so delicious; Carlos and Maria of Fogar do Breogán, and my other camino friends for making my Walking The Ways In Galicia along the El Camino Del Vino so very special. It was a truly magical time enjoying so many incredible treasures and Galician experiences. You and Galicia have captured a very special piece of my heart and I am forever grateful 🙂

3 thoughts on “Walking The Ways In Galicia

  1. Hi! Could you perhaps help me? I’m taking my twin nieces on a 100+k Camino in April of 2015. We’re still choosing a route. One of the many mentioned to me is Monte de Lemos – Invierno. Can you direct me to some info on that stretch of the Camino? Thank you!

    Buen Caminho!


      • Hi Susan. I will check out the link and let you know if I require more! You are very kind – thank you!

        Buen Caminho!


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