Bicigrino – Otra Forma De Hacer El Camino

So many wonderful ways to CAMINO!  Dating back to the 9th Century the Camino has a long and ancient history.  A past that has seen many changes. A merging of cultures, people,  and traditions. A true melting pot of ideas and customs.  The first pilgrims walked, came by horse, or were able to ride on a wagon with local farmers part of the way  as they traveled the camino trails from all over europe making their way to Spain.  Though some may feel that if you don’t walk the camino it isn’t the camino one learns that each way has its own challenges, lessons and pains. If pilgrimage is an experience a true journey of discovery then as long as one is exploring and expanding the boundaries of their own comfort zones and opening to new – a very special significance to the camino experience is unfolding.

Bicigrino provides a wonderful way to explore the Camino providing support and assistance in a variety of ways that allow for you to truly be open and free to experience and learn what the Camino has for you.

Wishing our friends at Bicigrino – Bo Camiño! For more information please visit:

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