BEING In The Present Moment – Mindfulness Reflections – Valerie Johns

The Camino has so many lessons it teaches no matter if it is your first experience or you continue to be drawn back again and again.  They say you may not get what you wanted or expecting but you always get what you need.  The simple act of walking can take on many different feelings and emotions.  A processing of  life experiences in preparation for new futures.  Living or BEING in the present moment is a special gift of  experiencing the camino captivated by nature and the beauty that surrounds us.  We may still find many times that our minds are full of all kinds of thoughts and it is a gift and blessing to return to feeling ourselves with our full undivided attention – our complete mindfulness – in the experience we are having. As we live more in the moment these incredible moments connect naturally together like water flowing over rocks in a beautiful stream.  The reflections of our distractions whether they be thoughts of the past or fears focusing on the future, or judgments of ourselves and others, BEING more mindful in the moment is something that Valerie Johns is passionate about sharing.  In her new blog  titled Jizo & Chibi. “Jizo is the Buddhist protector of women, children and travelers and Chibi means little one in Japanese.” – Valerie Johns

You can read more about Valerie in and article by Elephant Journal – Dedicated To The Mindful Life you will enjoy many of Valerie’s reflections that will inspire.  Have fun reading Valerie’s current blog article titled Just Sit, Just Do Yoga, Just Know Yourself and find out how she has found mindfulness, a way to meet her “groundlessness” and more. Thank you Valerie for sharing your reflections and insights.

To read Valerie’s blog and for more information please visit:

For Elephant Journal’s article on Valerie please visit:

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