Semana Santa Bo Camiño – Easter Week In The Camino


It has been a very special week enjoying being in the Camino sharing in wonderful times with pilgrims experiencing Galicia during the blossoming of SPRINGTIME!  A magical time seeing the trees sprouting new life filling the countryside with vibrant GALICIAN GREEN from the lush fresh grass on the  ground  all the way up into the sky as the trees are almost full of leaves. The flowers are absolutely breathtaking in all their different colors. From every twist and turn of the camino you are greeted as they SMILE at you – and you smile back at them and every pilgrim that you meet along the way.   Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed Semana Santa hope you enjoy celebrating this special Easter season of new beginnings with family and friends.

Thank you to everyone  in the Camino who made this time so incredibly special!

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