El Codex Del Peregrino



With the popularity of the Camino growing more movies, books, applications and games are in development to share the history, culture, and beautiful scenery of this ancient pilgrimage route inviting you to join in your own adventure of discovery.

Such is the case with El Codex Del Peregrino and Norbert of Bricasard who “hides both a past and a secret. He must fulfill a mission, but he has los his memory and is alone and wounded.”

“The Pilgrim’s Codex” is an action graphic adventure in 3D in which, as a pilgrim in the Middle Ages, you will join Norbert through 6 chapters up to Santiago de Compostela.  Help him confront the Dark Knight and live an epic adventure along the most magical pilgrimage route existing.  The Way of St. James which pilgrims, nobles and commoners have walked and the Knights Templar have guarded for centuries.

Mysterious characters, ancient legends, myths, dark forces, trials all challenging you to accomplish before you can reach your destination: the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Have fun and enjoy this new mysterious game of adventure.  For more information please visit: http://www.elcodexdelperegrino.com


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