Camino by HORSE – A Very Unique CAMINO!

Love when SYNCHRONICITY has you sharing something you love with friends or family and then a wonderful sign comes from the universe sharing the very same topic and appreciation for what you are discussing.  Such was the case today – just now – discussing love, passion and appreciation for horses and how they help and heal.  One story is of a friend Don Meredith and his involvement with an organization: working with horses providing therapy for special needs children – then a wonderful post of a group of doctors Camino by Horseback – Thank you horses for your loving and giving ways!
“A group of doctors (12 people) of Jerez de la Frontera travel these days the way Fisterra-Muxía riding. Evenings of tomorrow and will pass them in In the image look happy between forests both pilgrims like horses. Horse track!”(Translated by Bing)

Thank you to Jesus Trillo Muxia for your facebook post.

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