Rexistro 108 Vilei – Pilgrim Picture Time!

cartel laboratorio


The sun is finally shining in Galicia – two days in a row – and it is absolutely beautiful!  Spring has arrived late this year but the grass is green and the flowers are blooming welcoming all the peregrinos as they make their journey Along THE WAY!

German Limeres will begin to take pictures at his historic family country house in Vilei  (108 KM to Santiago) just next to Barbadelo – 3 KM from Sarria just after you pass through a beautiful and magical forest one of the most special along the French Camino. German began his creative pilgrim photography project in August 2011 and I met him  just a couple weeks later in September 2011 and began documenting in video and photos his experience with the pilgrims.



If you are doing the French Camino we would love to take your picture and capture your thoughts of the camino on video.  We usually go on the weekends so if you know when you will be passing through Sarria and onto Vilei please let us know. It would be wonderful to include you in German’s Rexistro 108 Vilei (register of pilgrims) and our Global Pilgrims Project capturing the faces and experiences of pilgrims on the camino.



To see more pictures you can go to and check out Rexistro Gallery.  We are creating a Rexistro Facebook page and working on German’s first exhibition to be held at the Parador in Santiago June 4, 2013 during the 1st Camino Film and Television Festival.  Looking forward to meeting you and including your pictures and experiences in this fun and creative pilgrim project. Bo Camiño! (Buen Camino in GALLEGO the ancient traditional language of Galicia)

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