Camino & Friendship


Dear Susan it was so nice to meet you today (October 1, 2011). Thank you for sharing your time and story with me. I thought about our time together and I should have also added in front of your camera that for me the process of the camino has been one of meeting with the divine. I am not religious but I have felt the divine and have been shown that I am loved and so looked after. And that in every one of us there is a flame that burns inside, some stronger than others. My job is to make sure that mine burns as clearly and as brilliantly as I can and to continue to see the flame in others. I am so grateful and humbled by this. I felt this strongly at O Cebreiro in the Church. When you go there do not miss the alcove to your left as you enter the Church. There is a poem and it really spoke to me. Thank you for today. I send you love and light and hope we can keep in touch. Lisa

___ It is a real pleasure and blessing for me to have met and to know Lisa – A very special gift of the Camino is the people you meet and the friendships that grows from our shared time together in such a unique and special place and powerful experience.  Here’s to celebrating all of the friendships of our lives!!!



Camino Rexistros: German Limeres Photography Vilei/Barbadelo – Sarria (Galicia – The French Way)

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