Camino Invierno – The Winter Way Prepares for VENDIMIA

Walking Along Vineyards

Well it is almost one year to the day when I made a post with Beata Moritz’s picture as she was enjoying some of her own Wine Wanderings during her camino in 2013.  So it is perfect timing that we are now preparing once again for the WINE HARVEST or VENDIMIA.  As you walk your camino enjoying nature many enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine to toast their pilgrim friends and celebrate their camino memories.  If you are walking your camino this September and want to join us in sometime in the vineyards with giving a little loving care to the vines – Las Viñas – we would love to have you share in this unique and special experience.  For those not on the camino now I hope you will join me for more El Camino Del Vino adventures where we will celebrate the Camino and some wonderful new experiences.

Thank you again to Beata Moritz for sending me your picture and helping a personal dream come true of some more time exploring in the camino and learning about the Vendimia – Wine Harvest!

Santiago Remembered – Patrice Wallace




It is always special meeting people and sharing time together especially in Santiago De Compostela. A very special place to discuss what we love of the Camino and our travel adventures in Galicia.  Such was my pleasure in meeting Patrice and Emilio last year during the St. James Festival.  Both Patrice and Emilio are avid world travelers who love to experience new cultures, customs and partake in traditions while they are journey around the world experiencing a very special pilgrimage journey.  I always love hearing what touches people about their experiences related to the Camino and how it continues to touch their lives after they have journeyed on.  A very special thank you to Patrice for emailing me and sharing her thoughts on her experience. Wishing Patrice and Emilio continued happy journeys – Bo Camiño!

“My thoughts on last summer’s visit to Santiago: While visiting a small town in the Austrian Alps a few weeks ago, I was excited to see the scallop shell of St. James on a sign post (photo above). Each time I see the El Camino sign, I am reminded of how far-reaching the influence of St. James is. Last summer as we drove across the Galician countryside, I constantly peered out of the car window in anticipation of getting a glimpse of the cathedral. Nothing. It was only when we drove into the Plaza del Obradoiro that I actually saw it and all its splendor. All of a sudden, it was there – right in front of me! With its soaring towers and its raised entrance two stories above the awe-inspiring to any pilgrim who, hundreds of years ago, walked 30 days across Spain.


Today’s pilgrims preview it in photos and film. But even with modern photo technology, seeing it in person and up close is indescribable. Santiago de Compostela does not disappoint.” – Patrice Wallace

Celebrating St. James – Santiago Festival 2014

It has been an incredible Camino year as we mark the celebration of St. James in Santiago de Compostela 2014.  A year of new beginnings, continued Camino travels, new friendship and Discovering more of GALICIA.  I would like to thank all those that made this year so very special on my continued Camino Travels.  A very special thank you to Julio Castro, Director Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos, as we celebrated 4 years of Camiino Connections that began in 2010 during Xacobeo and the SYNCHRONISTIC meeting of Paulo Coelho and his introduction to you for our Camino Celebration beginnings. An incredible journey that continues to unfold – I am forever grateful as we all share in our love of the Camino.

Spending time in Santiago is always special and it was my pleasure to share in the St. James Festival again with friends.  Thank you to Lucie and Kaj Christensen of Cabo Do Mundo Casa Rural – Ribeira Sacra for joining me in Santiago, Cándido Pazos López, Fe Castro Gonzalez – Vanesa of O Mundo Das Telas y Ruth De La Torre for helping me with a wonderful dress design – who would have thought that 15 minutes with some beautiful fabric and 7 hours later you would have helped to create a great dress to wear and enjoy on this special occasion – Thank you for your creative design support and fast work – It was fun and made me feel so very special :)

To Julio Castro – Director Parador – and the whole Parador Staff  for including us in all the Parador Festivities – you are an incredible team that makes experiencing Santiago de Compostela so very special – personal and you have made me feel like one of your family! Muchisimas Gracias – Bo Camiño!!!

Muchas Gracias to Santiago Pintos Capeans for your incredible harp music that is the introduction to the video and your wonderful picture capturing the Scallop Shell of St. James on the Cathedral – magical just like your music – Harpas Maxicas – Corazon Atlantico – perfect as I have crossed the Atlantic to DESCUBRE GALICIA :)

Remembering in prayer – In Memoriam – condolences and continued angel prayers to the families and friends of the victims of the train tragedy 2013 – Our hearts and healing thoughts will always be with you.

Sunshine & Shadows

A Little Fun Along The Way – Summer Sun & Shadows In Galicia

Whether walking alone or with other pilgrim friends you are never alone on the camino – you have your shadow and your angels to watch over you while you are on a very special journey of discovery and a true adventure of your SPIRIT! Here’s to celebrating more special times in the Camino and capturing more of your Camino SHADOWS :)

Hearts Along The Way

The Camino has a way of touching each person in a truly personal, equally significant and life transforming way.  One of the most powerful experiences the Camino has brought me and touched my life in a wonderful way is in opening my heart each day to new experiences and new people with a deeper appreciation for nature and living more openly accepting the many blessings that each new day brings. I am forever grateful to all. Have fun looking for the hearts that are showing themselves to you on your path :)

Faros y Cruces – Lighthouses & Crosses In The Costa Da Morte

Galicia is known for many things and one of its special treasures are the Faros or Lighthouses and crosses that mark the lands end known as the “end of the world” in Finisterre where pilgrims burn their clothes or make final symbolic acts at the completion of their pilgrimage. The Costa da Morte – the Dead Coast –  Galicia’s dramatic coastline with its breathtaking vistas, mystical capes, and incredible variety of beautiful beaches makes for an adventure that is always interesting, exciting and new.  No matter how many times you have visited there is more than enough to keep you coming back for more!

Colorful Designs – Galicia’s Graffiti

Colorful Designs & Creative Expressions – everyplace and country has its graffiti an expression of the people and their experiences.  Each design symbolic and meaningful to the people who created it.  We may not always understand, appreciate or grasp its intent but in someway it is a voice that continues to speak long after its creation.  In some areas of Galicia they have supported artistic expression of youth and groups coming together to create murals of graffiti art. A way to unite, create, and share a message together.


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