Terry & Susie Porter Arrive Santiago with OBRADOIRO CAB!

Terry & Susie Porter along with their friends and OBRADOIRO CAB entered Santiago bringing the SUNSHINE with them as they arrived in Obradoiro Square to complete their Camino Journey! Obradoiro CAB created an incredible week of camino experiences filming their documentary that will be a very special expression of what it is like to share the experience with those who are passionate about pilgrimage.

It was a very special day for all who were in Santiago de Compostela to take part in their arrival and share in some of the fantastic festivities that marked the completion of their Camino Adventure. Wonderful memories shared with Cándido Pazos López who honored their arrival with two very special gifts with his special edition book the Códice Calixtino and Portones Del Camino Vino!, as well as, Terry Porter signing OBRADOIRO CAB T-Shirt with Julio Castro, Director of the Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos.

A very special thank you to Obradoiro CAB Team, Terry & Susie Porter, Cándido Pazos López, Julio Castro Marcote, José Luis Penedo Del Rio, Carmen, Sienna & Ivan Leis, and Marc Heffner for sharing in a very special day making more wonderful memories in Santiago de Compostela.

For more information please visit: For more information please visit: http://www.obradoirocab.com and Facebook: Obradoiro CAB

Walk With A SMILE!!!

The Camino Spirit In Every Step!!!

Pilgrims from around the world come together and share in a unique journey – a collaboration of spirits – as they make their way to Santiago de Compostela.  With each step new feelings, emotions and experiences are created adding to the special memories of a lifetime that will be forever be with us. Having transformed us in ways that can be hard to put into words at times but the expressions on our faces from SMILES of happiness to tears releasing old fears and blocked pain make for a truly incredible healing and feeling adventure.

All around we see signs of those that have passed before us. From their footsteps that still leave their prints on the trail before us. To the wonderful stone sculptures where at one time a tiny rock pile started by a single pilgrim greeted another and inspired the next stone to be placed on top. So to is it with our pilgrim stories and connections that inspire not only ourselves to continue on our journey but to encourage others to make their own camino travels.

In all directions there is something BEAUTIFUL, AWE INSPIRING, and MAGICAL for us to take in and for each a special memory is created.  The camino helps us to reflect on life, the lives we have lived, inspire dreams for our futures and look on the past in unique ways.  Have fun looking all around and also behind you as you camino for their are your SPECIAL SIGNS waiting to be found!

Wishing everyone Bo Camiño!!!



A powerful thought provoking title for a profoundly honest sharing on one of life´s biggest questions – What happen´s after we die? Is there life after death? In living we come closer to dying but what is it that makes life more full and engages us in ways that we feel the deeper effects of our spirits experience…

When we CAMINO along The Way or are continuing our Camino of Life these questions and many other “big life” thoughts come to us and are part of our pilgrimage journey. An experience that is hard to put into words but touches us all deeply at our core forever changing us and guiding us as our adventures unfold.

It is a very special honor and privilege to share in John Clark´s latest book Destination Unknown and for the opportunity to share some of my life reflections as the foreword to his book.

The question of life—its meaning, significance, and purpose—is a question that all people, cultures, and individuals face at some point in time. The power of this very act contains within it the ability to transform us all, to change our emotions and the course of our lives. It is a seed that is born inside us, growing as we grow, waiting to blossom, and its blooms are the actions, expressions, and creations of our lives.

Contemplating our existence, life, and death, both personally and as a whole, can have a profound impact on how we live our lives. It is one of the most difficult and challenging concepts that everyone faces at some point, or many points, in one’s lifetime. I have reflected many times on this concept, and it has been an ever-evolving understanding of my spirit’s journey—a journey that will be an eternity of continual growth and expansion. A constant state of discovery, learning, and evolving as our consciousness opens to more love and peace that flows harmoniously with all in this universe and beyond.

I was touched deeply by every persons honesty, clarity, and heart felt sharing in their expression of the personal stories and their boldness in sharing their emotions freely of some of the most difficult experiences that have touched them on their life journeys . It is not easy to share with strangers our deepest held beliefs, fears, regrets, or failures but it is many times through these lessons that the most profound insights in our spiritual journeys occur. I believe it is in this honest sharing that we become more of our authentic selves and that this helps others to have the strength and courage to continue on their journeys of discovery which help us all to move in the direction of fulfilling our life purposes and provides true meaning to living and makes a difference in the world.

For me it is in us using our gifts and talents working collaboratey together to make a difference in the world. I believe and have come to know that it our True Source or God Given Gifts And Talents working collaboratively together that make the most profound differences in the world and provides the most satisfaction and meaning in our own lives.

When we work to remove the masks we so careffully and unknowingly placed there as forms of protection that these masks only shield us from truly living. In letting down those masks and returning to our more authentic and original state of our spirits desire of expression that miracles become a part of every day lives and life holds more happiness, joy and peace.

A very special thank you to John Clark and to the other authors he included in his book. With each story I was moved to reflect on my own life, beliefs, and experiences and am encouraged and inspired to find more ways to express love, happiness, joy and peace to those that my life comes into contact with.

Your stories encouraged me to strive to become a better person opening my heart more and to know that in all things and all ways from small to large our spirits impact in connection with others is beyond our full comprehension and appreciation of the true magnitude that sharing our love and light truly has around the world.

It is a magnificent miracle and mysterious journey we are all on and though at many times it feels we are alone that is never the case as our eternal spiritual connection is far deeper than one can imagine and forever unbroken though our energy form may change it is indestructible and continues to make its journey on to more incredible experiences and Destinations Unknown….

About The Author:

John Henry Clark III is an award-winning journalist, freelance writer, author, and avid golfer who was born and raised in Texas. He grew up in northwest Houston playing sports at Oaks Dads Club and attending church with his parents, but decided as he got older that things he learned in Sunday school no longer made much sense.

Since then, he has spent a lifetime seeking answers and exploring a variety of beliefs. After a successful career as a newspaper reporter, Clark turned his lifetime love for learning into a new career as a public school teacher, and that gave him time during the summer months to pursue his project to research and write a book describing what people believe about God and why they believe what they believe.

That effort turned into this book, Finding God. A tireless seeker, researcher and questioner, John has written a number of other fascinating books dealing with the human experience, from tragedies to triumphs and more, including Camino: Laughter and Tears along Spain’s 500-mile Camino de Santiago. To read more of John’s books, find answers to the meaning of life, and maybe discover something new about yourself.

For more information please visit: http://www.JohnClarkBooks.comhttp://www.archangelink.com

Special Pilgrim Visitors USA – Terry & Susie Porter In The Camino!

OBRADOIRO CAB Creates Special Camino Documentary

Springtime always brings new beginnings and it is a special time of new creativity and this year OBRADOIRO CAB is kicking spring off with a very special Camino Experience and Documentary featuring Terry Porter, former NBA Portland Trailblazers star, shares in the camino with locals and pilgrims from around the world.

It was  a very special pleasure to welcome Terry and Susie Porter and the whole OBRADOIRO CAB group who are making their way from Sarria to Santiago this week. Along the way they stopped to share in participating in Rexistro 108 Vilei a unique photography and video project documenting the pilgrims from around the world as they pass just 3 km outside of Sarria as they walk through Barbadelo and Vilei and make their way to Portomarin.

Yesterday marked a very special day the 4th year I have had the pleasure to share in this unique photography project I have been fortunate to be a part of after meeting German Limeres just two weeks after he began documenting the faces of the pilgrims in his Rexistro 108 Km Vilei summer 2011. Rexistro 108 Vilei is the first photography documentation of pilgrims as they make their way across Galicia to Santiago de Compostela. With some 500 photographs of pilgrims from more than 30 countries it has been my honor and pleasure to share in this unique project and to capture on video some of their testimonials of their passion for pilgrimage and love of the Camino.

Muchas gracias to  OBRADOIRO CAB and their fantastic Team, Terry & Susie Porter and German Limeres Rexistro 108 Vilei and to the pilgrims for sharing in this very special, unique and personal camino experience!!!

For more information please visit: http://www.obradoirocab.com and Facebook: Obradoiro CAB

Rexistro 108 KM Vilei 2015! Welcoming New Pilgrims!!!

Spring has arrived but the Galician skies are still showing us the face of winter and WHY this area is known for its GREEN GREEN GRASSES! The air is fresh and the wind blows strongly as it whips against your face but in the distance coming closer is the sound of the footsteps of the pilgrims and the “clack”, “clack”, “clack” of their walking sticks. Ever so often you can hear the sound of horses as they make their way on the stone an ancient sound that is a strong reminder that for more than a thousand years pilgrims have made their way from Europe to cross Spain and enter into Galicia – One step at a time – On top of the footsteps of other pilgrims. We have all marked the land with our presence and it is now apart of us. Something that can not be taken away. It is forever with us, inside us, a part of us.

This is also marked by a special photography project I have been fortunate to be a part of after meeting German Limeres just two weeks after he began documenting the faces of the pilgrims in his Rexistro 108 Km Vilei summer 2011, the first photography documentation of pilgrims as they make their way across Galicia to Santiago de Compostela.  With some 500 photographs of pilgrims from more than 30 countries it has been my honor and pleasure to share in this unique project and to capture on video some of their testimonials of their passion for pilgrimage and love of the Camino.

Muchas gracias to German Limeres Rexistro 108 Vilei and to the pilgrims for sharing in this very special, unique and personal camino experience!!!

Porta Itineris Sancti Iacobi – CAMINO!

Porta Itineris Sancti Iacobi – Porta De Europa, Praza Da Concordia, Santiago de Compostela – CAMINO! – Cándido Pazos López

Sharing the spirit of the Camino for most of his entire life Cándido Pazos López will share in participating in Our Collective Camino (working title) the first book of its kind uniting authors from around the world from 13 countries to share their passion for pilgrimage, love of the camino and inspiring stories to make a very special invitation to others encouraging them to make their own Camino Journeys of the Spirit!

With over 80 sculptures in España and Europe Cándido Pazos López through his artistic creations, designs and published works has invited people for more than 40 years to come and discover and take part in personally experiencing the special history, culture and tradition of the Camino.

It was a very special pleasure and honor to receive a wonderful gift of the collectors edition book Porta Itineris Sancti Iacobi – Porta De Europa, Praza Da Concordia, Santiago de CompostelaCAMINO! from Cándido Pazos López. I am grateful to Cándido and the 35 plus authors from around the world representing13 countries for joining me in this special and unique camino collaboration.

For those who have experienced the camino and entered the city along the French route making their way down from Monte de Gozo you will remember a most impressive sculpture welcoming you into the city and honoring your every step with the history of those that came before you making this pilgrimage famous around the world. A vision and creative project for years representing a life-time passion for sharing the Camino Cándido Pazos López dreamed, designed, and realized this most impressive sculpture – a portico and special gate into Santiago de Compostela as a standing memorial to the open invitation to the world to make their own pilgrim adventure and journey of discovery. It is a landmark that stands as a tribute in the 21st century to the enduring power of the Camino to make its call to people from around the world and a celebration to those who listen and answer by experiencing it – Bo Camiño!

A very special thank you to Cándido Pazos López, Sienna & Ivan Leis Varela for more special times and CAMINO Celebrations in Santiago de Compostela!

Camino de Madrid 651 Km – Santiago!

The camino brings us many unique experiences from discovering and exploring another culture and taking in their ancient traditions that are as alive today as ever.  People from around the world make their travel journeys which also begin with exploring some of the main sites and big city attractions before changing their street clothes to their full pilgrim – peregrino – gear as they begin stepping from city pavement to the natural land that will take them on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

A wonderful travel adventure experience can be to mark the sharp contrasts between modern day living and the hustle and bustle of the bright lights big city with the incredible peacefulness and natural setting of the camino.  One can find in Madrid a little of both before beginning your camino adventure.  It has been a great week exploring a city I have visited many times but always enjoy looking at through new eyes especially this spring as the incredible weather, sunshine and flowers blooming everywhere has everyone smiling as they walk and explore some of Madrid´s most famous and ancient sites.

If you are feeling up for a different Camino then you may enjoy exploring the option of the CAMINO DE MADRID – 651 Km to Santiago de Compostela. You can wander leisurely through the city enjoying the beautiful parks, museums and historical buildings and break in your walking shoes and legs just a little bit more before beginning your camino either in Madrid or whichever Camino Calls You!

Bo Camiño!


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